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OSMO Oil and Wax products for Wood Finishing

Polyx-Oil, Clear Matte750 mL$64.00
Polyx-Oil, Clear Matte125 mL$25.00
Polyx-Oil, Clear Satin2.5 L$172.00
Polyx-Oil, Clear Satin750 mL$64.00
Polyx-Oil, Clear Satin125 ml$25.00
Top Oil, Natural500 mL$48.00
Top Oil, Clear500 mL$48.00
Top Oil, Acacia500 mL$48.00
Superpad - White Applicator95mm x 155mm White$3.00
Oil Finish Applicator Fleece95mm x 155mm$10.00
Wood Wax Finish -White375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Black375 mL$45.00
Wood Wax Finish - Oak Antique375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Walnut375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Ebony375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Cognac375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Cherry375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - White Matte375 mL$45.00
Wood Wax Finish - Green375 mL$45.00
Wood Wax Finish - Blue375 mL$45.00
Wood Wax Finish - Silk Grey375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Granite Grey375 mL$39.00
Wood Wax Finish - Yellow375 mL$45.00
UV Protection Oil750 mL$50.00
Wood Reviver500mL$17.00
Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray400mL$30.00
Brush Cleaner and Thinner1 L$20.00
Flat Brush - 100mm100mm$21.00
Flat Brush - 25mm25 mm$5.00
Flat Brush - 60mm60 mm$11.00
Wood Wax Finish - Red375 mL$40.00
Easy Pads325mm x 340mm $12.00